DESSO QuickFix™

The quick, easy and green solution for carpet tile installation

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Desso and Velcro Industries offer an outstanding solution for a professional installation of Desso carpet tiles with SoundMaster® (Lite) and traditional backings with special treatment: DESSO QuickFix™. DESSO QuickFix™ is an environmentally friendly solution that's quick, easy to use and easy to remove.

Five reasons to use DESSO QuickFix™:

  1. Significantly faster installation time than tackifier*
  2. Sustainable choice with zero VOC** emission and no odour
  3. A flawless professional finish
  4. Better working position with a purpose-built application machine.
  5. Easy to replace individual tiles - or the whole floor - and to remove the tape from the subfloor

DESSO QuickFix™ provides all these extra benefits at the same installation cost of tackifier.

Carpet tiles are installed in three simple steps with DESSO QuickFix™:

  1. Prepare the subfloor making sure it's dirt and dust free.
  2. Fix DESSO QuickFix™ on the floor with the adhesive part and grippers at the top using the special application machine - no need to position the strips per tile. Make sure the tape runs the full length of the tile using two strips per carpet tile (2x500mm/tile).
  3. Once firmly fixed - install the tiles on top.

Explore the benefits of DESSO QuickFix™. Click here to watch our movie!

More detailed information needed? Click here to read our flyer.

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*Based on installation tests with DESSO SoundMaster® (Lite): DESSO QuickFix™ versus tackifier
**ISO 16000, AgBB evalution scheme 2012 (detection limit 5 ug/m3)


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