DESSO 3D Textures™

Surfaces matter. They can enable you to achieve a stunning interior design experience. At Desso, we searched for a way to make the design process better and more effective, out of which we developed the DESSO 3D Textures™ digital tool.

3D Textures.jpg

So, now you can create an excellent visual experience through DESSO 3D Textures
, enabling you to easily select the right structure, colour and installation method for the best results at the click of a button. The texture of the floor plays an important part in the interior design of a building. As we on average spend 90% of our time indoors, the choice of materials is very important. 

We have produced DESSO 3D Textures™  to enable you to create visual experiences that inspire people, all based on the latest carpet designs from Desso. DESSO 3D Textures™  is a highly practical online tool which enables you to achieve your architectural vision effectively and  efficiently. With DESSO 3D Textures™  you have the chance to inspire and persuade. Literally at your fingertips.


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