Essentials Collection

We live in a world where there is an abundance of choice. A world of infinite variety, endless customization and limitless information, all travelling towards us - seemingly at the speed of light. So on occasions, we experience something of a stimulant overload. To counterbalance, we sometimes need an interval. Somewhere that offers quiet stability. Somewhere we feel we know. That is what the new Essentials collection is destined to help create.

Inspired by recognised icons

The Essentials collection primarily draws inspiration from recognised icons - and therefore, even when first encountered, there is a sense of familiarity. A sense of serene well-being. The uniqueness of each installation is accompanied by an air of déjà vu - it's different and new, yet simultaneously recognizable. In effect, the designs create a presence of certainty that comes only with the timelessness of iconic design and time-honoured fabric patterns.

Potential diversity 

Two distinct design ranges mark the introduction of the  Essentials approach: Jeans, Ridge, Traverse, Edges & Iconic. 

Desso Jeans:



Desso Ridge:



Desso Traverse:

Red Essentials Traverse Carpet


Desso Edges:

Grey Essentials Edges Carpet


Desso Iconic: 

DESSO Iconic Carpet_orange

More info on our Essentials carpets?

Do you want more information about our Essentials carpet collection? Please contact us! 

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