Circles of Architects®

Creativity is crucial to us. Combined with our understanding of the needs of our individual customers, creativity enables us to deliver carpets that have the greatest impact whether that is creating an inspiring workplace or a calm atmosphere for learning in schools or patients recovering from illness in the health sector.

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The international Circles  of Architects® network  is focused on engaging architects and designers in face to face conversations and online networking. We do this to gain inspiration, new insights into markets and trends and finally co-create innovative and stunning carpet designs.

Through our Circles of Architects® sessions our own design team is able to engage in inspiring discussions with (interior) architects and designers from across the world about latest trends in colouring, materiality, textures and future developments and Desso's latest products and techniques. 

The Circles are regular meetings held in different locations across the globe where architects, designers and other design professionals can meet, exchange experiences and knowledge and see our new products. Their feedback is invaluable to us, enabling us to develop products that architects want to buy and that are connected even more to the end user's needs.

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